Monday, December 7, 2009

Festivus Wrap

(click card for pics)
After a weekend of sleep and getting a break from Festivus plans, I guess it's time to wrap it up with a sincere thank you to everyone that came out in some pretty cold weather and the businesses and Lifetime Members For Life that could make donations.

I never imagined that when I started asking around for some donations that I would get such an outpouring from local and non-local businesses. Listed below are some of the friends of the FBC. Be sure to check out each of their websites and if they sell stuff, buy it.

  • Knog - What can I say about these guys. From the great stuff they gave us when they came to ride in July to the bag of fun they left for this one, everything is above and beyond. Be sure to check out their latest catalog for the 2010 products (clickable link at the bottom of their page). There are some pictures from their visit earlier this year. I'm disappointed my picture wasn't in there but I have the need-for-attention chromosome. Just counting what they gave me for the Festivus Ride, I had over $120.00 in prizes.
  • Chrome - Another great supporter of all things bicycle. You will find their link to the left like most of those mentioned here. I have carried a Chrome bag for a real long time and it has been through the wringer. Everything from snow to sand and mud to dust, this poor bag has kept it's end of the bargain and kept it's contents safe and dry. Unless you count that time I filled it with ice and beer. It performed that task admirably as well. Chrome sent me a box of goodies including their Hip Pouch that cost $40.00 and a couple of t-shirts and some really big stickers. Another group that sent me $120.00 in stuff. A great bunch of folks. Now if I could just get them to come off a pair of those knickers...
  • Fresh Abundance - Most of you are familiar with the organic grocery store from our Fiascoween party there, but if you haven't been there yet you should go. They carry local and organic foods and they also deliver. Their prize to the FBC was a membership for a year. Giving the winner delivery for a year and one free box of fruit and vegetables. At $85.00 it would be a bargain at twice the price. Thanks to Jacque and BrightSpirit.
  • N. Division Bicycles - These guys have always been good to me and the FBC. From a good price on a couple of awesome bikes to donations for the Festivus two years running. They are a bit out of town but it's worth the trip. If you are going by bike, I have a handy little route mapped so you don't have to mess around with Division. Thanks to everyone there, especially Brenda who was the one that rummaged around to get some items put together for me. I guess all the stuff they gave me was worth about $50.00.
  • Water's End Massage - Lifetime Member For Life, Rick gave us this one. I really wanted to keep this one. A real massage would have been great after all the stress that went into putting this one together. However, it went to a LMFL that probably deserved it just as much. Thanks again Rick for this one. Rick, if this one has a website, email it to me.
  • The Scoop - A repeat offender for the FBC. They constantly provide support in one way or another when it comes to the Fiasco. One month I lost our venue (because they are douches)at the last minute and Patrick came through with a call to his business partner down at Far West and got us set up there. I can't even mention the countless times I have been to The Scoop to moan about this or that and they listened attentively over several cups of coffee. Thanks Patrick and Elissa. Gift certificates and t-shirts for a total of about $70.00.
  • Neato Burrito - And the Baby Bar. Someone else who goes above and beyond to help out the FBC. Tim and Patty are always there to lend a hand in the form of advertising, a venue for the smaller rides, a kick ass band and for the past two Festivus Rides, multiple 'Gift Cardboards'. About $50.00.
  • Slick Rock - First time donation but no less important. Mark gave a pair of gift certificates, each one a free meal for two. It's the Slick Rock on the north side. About 50.00.
  • Hank - This is a gift from a private donor. Hank decided that the FBC would get more use out of a $60.00 gift card than he would. How could I argue. Hank is the one that made the FBC video a while back. I'm going to do a bit of arm twisting to get him to come to more rides. We miss you Hank.
  • Litz's - How could a bar be more accommodating to the FBC? Everything ran as smoothly as possible. Everyone was polite and served with a smile. There were even snacks set up, which I heard were delicious because I was a little too busy to get any before they disappeared. When I started calling out prizes, they show up with a stack of t-shirts and hats for me to give away. What a pleasant surprise. We will definitely be back during one of the warm months for some beach volleyball.
  • MC Southworth - It seems as though Mike is always willing to play some loud music for us in any situation. I think this makes three or four times we have had him DJ for us and judging from the wall to wall smile on his face, I think he enjoys it somewhat. Thanks Mike.
Some other thank yous need to go out to some LMFL as well. Jacque was the one that took the reigns to get the venue set up. He'll tell you that it wasn't that much but one less thing for me to do is a big thing.
Lisa was the rock upon which I could smash my head. She handled the paperwork and organizing all the prizes. Also manning the Ring Toss station, she kept up with all the minutiae that I could not. She's the greatest that way. She was also able to recruit some help from Robin and Diane to get voting organized and some pictures taken during the award ceremony. There were very few businesses that gave me the run around, a cold no or no response at all and all of them are here in town. If you feel that it would effect your shopping habits, I can provide you with that information upon request.

This post is long enough already so I will spare you the details of the pre-ride, ride and post-ride and move right on to the next ride. THERE WILL BE NO NEW YEARS EVE RIDE. There are just too many amateurs out there in cars to get the FBC out there on bikes. I don't want to be responsible for your safety on a night like that. However, if you are planning on going out somewhere that night and you happen to be going on your bicycle, pass it along and maybe we can all end up at the same place at the same time. But it's not an FBC ride.

The next FBC Fiasco will be the first ride of 2010. Saturday, January 30th. Thank you to everyone that has made another year of Fiascoes successful. As always, you make this work so if you have any suggestions or gripes feel free to use any of the multiple ways of contact.

Riders: 100+; 19 degrees and cloudy.


  1. Jeff, you and Lisa rock. Sorry I missed the ride. It looked like it was as fun as the others.

  2. Hank, it was fun on a bun. See you at the next one.