Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time For Festivus

I have been so wrapped up in school that I have forgotten to bombard you with reminders about the Festivus Ride.

If you are unfamiliar, the Festivus Ride is just like the Full Moon Fiasco in that we meet at The Swamp and ride to an undisclosed location only this month there will be many, many prizes.

Last year we were lucky enough to have it at Northern Lights and they set us up nicely outside and pretty much gave us free reign but I did not know that they were going to charge a gratuity on EVERYONES tab! That's right, if you bought one (1) drink, they charged a gratuity. You probably didn't know, so you tipped them as well. It was a dirty trick that will not happen again and I apologize for it happening then. Though that issue has been resolved, we are unable to have it there again this year due to prior bookings and blah, blah, blah; you don't care.

We also had to bump the date of the ride up to Friday the 4th instead of Saturday because of the Zags game. I was reminded of this by Jacque who has been a faithful Lifetime Member For Life and has gone above and beyond by tracking down an appropriate venue for our shenanigans.


Get there early for a spoke card. This will be your key to participate in the reindeer games. Please try to make a one dollar donation for the card. There will be a few opportunities to earn yourself a great prize as well as a giveaway later in the evening. To give you a hint as to what will be offered as prizes, I have over $300.00 in gift cards and merchandise to give away.

Some of the events include but are not limited to:

Bicycle Decorating Contest
  • Best Overall
  • Best Use of Lights
  • Best Decorations

The Ring Toss Game
  • First. Second. Third.

The Givaway
  • Several Great Prizes

  1. Decorate your bike.

  2. Ride to The Swamp.
    (directions in sidebar on left)
    Friday December 4th, 8:00p.m.
Get there early for a spoke card and find me, they go fast. Any questions don't hesitate to send an email.


  1. Hey ya'll,

    I found a forehead headlight in the parking lot when I was leaving the bar last night. Describe the one you lost and I'll get it back to you. Tman

  2. Nobody lost a head lamp?

  3. Leave a new comment on the updated post. I will send out an email as well. If they don't reply after that, you have yourself a new head lamp. Enjoy.

  4. Tman,

    Update. I got an email from someone claiming the headlamp. Give me your email address and I will put you two together.