Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Secret Success

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While eating my traditional post-fiasco breakfast of a bowl of croutons and lager, I could not get over how awesome the night was and that my head was pounding me with the force of a thousand Bing Crosbys.

This time our destination was Fresh Abundance. At first you may think that a bike trip to the grocery store is nothing out of the ordinary, but it was Fiascoween. Friend and Lifetime Member For Life, Bright Spirit runs the place and had this great idea of using some empty space behind the building to host a couple of bands, an outdoor beer garden, two fire pits, beer, wine and snacks. And do it all without charging a cover at the door. I'll have to say, she and her staff pulled it off magically. It was a great idea handled as smoothly as possible and I had nothing to do with it. Now that you know you can safely get there by bicycle, be sure to go by Fresh Abundance some time and buy some organic groceries.

Big thanks also to Quarter Monkey and B-Radicals for playing and even wearing costumes. I'll have to admit that one of the guitar players should have won the contest based solely on committing to shaving a bald spot on top of his head. That's dedication.

For the costume contest I just let the crowd decide and they narrowed the field first to about 15 participants then it was down to two. The Garden Gnome and Zombie Superman. Really, how do you pick? Again letting the crowd decide, there was overwhelming support for Zombie Superman who won a Sigg water bottle with the FBC logo on the side.

If you have pictures of Fiascoween you can link to them in the comments section or on the facebook site (link above, left).

I would also like to thank the weather for being extra awesome.

125+ riders; 45 degrees and clear


The Fiasco on the horizon will be the Festivus Ride December 5th. For those of you that were able to participate last year, you know what a big deal this one is. I am in the process of contacting local and non-local businesses to get donations for prizes. There will be several events this year, all having podium prizes. I will also be looking to get volunteers to man these stations during the games. Don't worry, it shouldn't cut into your beer time or prevent you from participating in any of the events. So if you or a business you know of would be willing to help out the FBC this year, feel free to contact me. I am pretty busy with school this time around and could use all the help I can get. I will post more information as I get it. Any questions, email them.

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