Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome To The Map Spokane

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The Knog Ride was an overwhelming success. I guess I could end it right there, but you probably want a little more than that.

For a little set up for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, you can check out the post from a while back. For the rest I want to start by saying thank you to all of you for coming out and riding with us on a non-full moon occasion. Thanks to my lieutenants of the FBC for making everything go as smoothly as it did. Joe set us up with the destination and got Mike to DJ for us, though I was told it wasn't an arm twisting effort to get him to throw down some music. Silas made those awesome stickers that I was passing out until I ran out. I hope you got one. I still have some bumper stickers though. Don't forget Joe Kaler at The Swamp and his loyal staff for letting the FBC take the place over and disappear as quickly as we appeared. And of course Lisa. She was my worry wart about some of the little things that I tend to overlook and all those little things would have added up to create a possible catastrophe if I had let them go. Thanks everybody.

As far as our guests, Mike and Moto, I can't thank those two enough for even considering FBC Spokane for one of their destinations out of all the potential places they could have gone to ride with some great bike clubs, they chose to come here and ride with us. That's awesome. I have on good authority that of all the places around the world that these two have visited over the past two weeks, we had the largest turn out. Surprising given some of the places the have gone. I would start to list them here, but I think you might want to wait for the book. That's right, Moto is putting together a book with all the exploits of their world tour in it including their ride with us. They have promised to keep me in the loop when that will be available. Until then, you should check out his photography HERE and HERE. As for Mike, you should check out the products he let me give away HERE and at your LBS.

It should be said that with that many people that there is a higher likelihood of assholes. We did not have a shortage. I should have mentioned it earlier in the night when I had the mic but I was a little preoccupied throwing free stuff. I will mention it here.

I would like to make it abundantly clear that we are NOT, regardless of numbers, a critical mass. We are not out there to purposely get in the way of motorized traffic. We make our best effort to keep it to one or two lanes where applicable and we certainly do not plow through red lights. The way the FBC Spokane draws attention to the shear number of cyclists in the city and the need for better ways to get around is to follow the rules of the road. Nobody likes an asshole so don't be one. If you feel like you need to continue riding against traffic, purposely slowing in front of motorized traffic, going through red lights and otherwise making people angry with your bike, the FBC does not want you. Go get yourself run over on your own time, not mine. If you are hurt in a traffic accident while riding with the FBC and it is your fault, it will likely be the last FBC Fiasco and I don't think you want that. I certainly don't. Finger wagging over.

On a down-your-throat-media note, The FBC is now on Twitter as well as Facebook. You will notice some new additions to the sidebar where you can follow along on either and with Facebook you can post your pictures of FBC events, get reminders of events and participate in the suggestion box of possible destinations for the FBC. As with the Twitter, I will probably use this to let you know last minute plans for being somewhere downtown for a beverage or a show that isn't a FBC Spokane sanctioned event. You can even send me your email address and get on the mailing list for a reminder about updates to the blogspot.

There are some new designs I have drawn for The FBC as well. You have seen one design already in a previous post but now I have it in a safe-for-work version as well. Clicking on the appropriate design will take you to a separate page for each item.

Thanks for making this the biggest ride yet and for those of you that were able to make a one dollar donation, you help me keep this going.

200+ riders; low 64 and clear.


  1. aww sad panda - I was one of the riders ignoring red lights but I am no asshole.

    Great job on throwing this event together! I had a great time meeting people and talking with Moto and Mike about their tour/project. and I scored a sweet sticket packet from mike after learning his favorite curse word is "cunt muscle"

  2. You are if you are ignoring red lights while trying to ride with us.

    Nobody cares how much fun you had when you are dead.

  3. Me no want somebody getting killed. The right lane - your friend, it is.

  4. Glad you finally said something the "critical mass BS" needs to stop. I actually saw riders making a car back up while it had a green light. no me gusta. People... you dont have to worry about being left behind?!?! we always meet up half way and we wont ditch you. Keep this club club cool and follow the rules.

  5. Less "bike culture/lifesyle"posing and more of "I just want to ride to a bar for a beer"

  6. Awesome ride, Jeff. You Da Man.

    Your Pipe Fitter fellow is none other than Jayce, a valued member of the North Division Bike Shop team of furry professionals. We were proud to have him, and his silly tall bike, in attendance.

    There really is nothing worse than a bunch of drunken part-time cyclists thinking they are taking their opportunity to stick it to the man by instigating their own "critical mass" amid regular downtown traffic. This type of thing does far more harm than good for the cycling community in the context of the population at large.

    I appreciate the fact that you decided to stand up and say something, as well as liked the way you said it. Good on ya'!


  7. Thanks, Emmetts Dad. Glad you had fun and appreciate bike etiquette.

    I know Jayce well. He makes it out more often than you. OH SNAP! I just wanted to take that opportunity to rip on him a bit and his choice of head gear.

  8. thank you fbc we had a great time hope you come back we loved it! The staff at Litz's