Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maxwell House is a Douche

I was hoping for a repeat of the first birthday of the Fiasco by going back to the Maxwell House, playing some volleyball and eating cupcakes. I called and got a dude that told me there would be a group that night and we couldn't come. I asked when they would be done and he said 9:30. Perfect, that's when we would come by. He further turned me down by saying that there would not be enough people working to facilitate that volume of people. I asked if they could call some people in and he said that they couldn't do it. That's when I said: "So what you're telling me is that you are turning down the business of 100 customers. On a Tuesday." He again said no.

That's when the owner called me back and said with some uncertainty that they would do it: "I guess we have to." No, you don't and no you didn't. I told them never mind and that we would be going somewhere else, thank you very much. So if you get a chance to go to the Maxwell House, change your mind and go play volleyball at Litz's.

As for our destination, I called my friend Patrick up at The Scoop and he set me up with Andrew at Far West and they were more than happy to have us even on short notice. Amy and Jason(?) served hard and fast on the drinks and were even able to stow a cake that Lisa delivered earlier that evening. Plenty of room with pool tables and real, metal dangerous darts. If you have followed the blog from the very beginning and judging from the turnout on the first five rides, you haven't, you would know that Far West was the destination bar for Fiasco One. Since then we have increased our numbers from two to 125. Not too shabby.

Riders: 125+; 52 degrees and clear.

Tomorrow I will post about the ride coming up on July 24th which includes a printable flyer to spread around town. Thanks for coming out everybody and I will see you on Friday the 24th.

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  1. Mark S. "The Minions"July 13, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    Interesting story re: Maxwell House dumbfoundedness. I am "first" an avid "Valley" cyclist, but I am also the current president of the Minions Vespa Scooter Club. We to try to keep it "local" when planning our post ad pre-ride socials, It amazes me with the kind of reception we sometimes get from some bar/grill establishments. The Park Inn on Grand Ave. comes to mind. After prearranging for a group of 60 Vesparado's to attend a "meet and greet" at the Park Inn, halfway through we were asked by the owner to move our scoots from the parking area because we were taking up spots for customers. What the fuck were we? We even parked four deep in each spot. Our club and members have never gone back. Attitude is everything. Your either with us, or against us! I hope to make it out to your next full mooner to meet the crew. Love your website. -Mark