Tuesday, March 19, 2013

69, Dude!

It's time for the March Full Moon Fiasco. This typically marks the beginnings of the summer rides. I know it's still a little cold out there, but last month you guys stuck with me for a little longer route. I'm counting on that again this time around. Be ready for a ride that is similar in length and altitude. Also, be ready to stick close to the pack. I'm not going to go super fast or anything, it's just that I'm going to take a few turns you might not be ready for.

As all of you have noticed, this is the 69th Full Moon Fiasco. There are no numbers that the American public hold more dear than 69. The numbers 13, 9, 37, 42, etc. come close in some circles, but none of them are as important. There were so many ways I could design the spoke card. So many. Too many. I only printed a few, so be sure to get there on time and bring a dollar.

The Swamp
Wednesday March 27

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