Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That Was A Good Time

(click card for pictures)
So much fun in fact, I neglected to take my camera out of my bag until we got to the destination. There were a few riders that took some fun shots, so maybe they will post them on the Facebook page.

The weather was great. The streets were great. The Lifetime Members for Life were great. So we took a familiar route through town then down to Sandifur Bridge, up the other side and back around. When I started to retrace the route, I heard some asking if we were going to do the route again. I don't think many would have complained if we had. Instead, we turned toward Pacific Ave. to begin our pizza and beverage enjoyment. That's when I finally snapped a few pictures, but certainly not enough.

Big thanks to the crew at Pacific Ave. for letting us take over the place. We should go there much more often than we do. Perhaps we should organize some weekend rides that start and end there. Yes? Perhaps someone else should organize them. Perhaps.

35+ riders; 40ยบ and clear.

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