Sunday, April 7, 2013

Get Up To Get Down

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That went well.
Being Full Moon Fiasco 69 I thought it would be fun to go to the top of the Post St. hill, then turn around and go back to The Swamp. You know, 'turn around'? 69? Seriously, I'm hitting you over the head with how funny that is.

Anyway, it was a fun route and very popular. That was the biggest turn out of the year so far. I'm looking forward to what the summer has in store.

115+ riders; 40ยบ and clear

Keep an eye out for the April Full Moon Fiasco post. We will have some friends joining us with some things to give away. I'm not intentionally being mysterious, they just haven't told me what they are bringing. All I do know is that they are all about some Bike to Work Week:

Everyone's invited to participate in Spokane Bike to Work Week, May 13-19th this year. Join us for a week of (free!) activities designed to support you on your commute, get you connected with other riders, provide resources for new riders and — of course — be a great time!

This year, we are partnering with Spokane Regional Transit Council to provide a one-week commute challenge. Start planning a team with your friends or at work today and compete for prizes
(Click image for further details).

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