Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's time! It's time!
December is here and with it the Full Moon Festivus 2012.

Festivus started as a simple ride around town to look at Christmas lights. Now our annual ride takes us to a fantastically huge party with games and giveaways and magic. I've got some pretty sweet presents this year. You can get a few hints on the Facebook page leading up to the event on Saturday.

Some of the events:
Costume Contest (sweaters)
Best Bike Decoration
The Ever Popular Slow Races
And More!

Be sure to decorate your bike with whatever, and wear your best sweater for your chance to go home with some fantastic prizes.

The Swamp
December 8th @ 7:00p.m.
Decorate your bike!
Wear your sweater!


  1. Yeaaaahhhhhhh!!! I put my studded bike tires on. That I made myself. I'm ready!!

    -Datsun Matt

  2. jeff, ya'll really did great this year!!! thanks to you and all the other lifetime members for life that make this so damn much fun!!!

  3. I got a piece of paper as a prize, woot!! :D I had fun, but left my credit card at the bar. Booooo. Indeed, thanks Jeff for all your wonderful shenanigans!

    -Datsun Matt

  4. Had a Great time..froze my a## off but good times..thanks for hooking my Wife up with a tshirt Lisa..