Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiasco 65 Wrap

(click the card for pics)
The last Fiasco before Festivus. I was hoping to have a much larger crowd so I could remind everyone that the next ride is only one week away! I was also hoping, as were most of you, that it wasn't going to piss rain for the entire night.

Tens of you came out for Fiasco 65. It was the usual suspects that you can count on for every ride. Thanks guys. You deserve prizes just for attendance. It was still a good time, as noted by the pictures taken with my broke-ass camera. Thanks also to Jack and Dan's for letting us show up on late notice, eventhough I didn't produce the numbers that I told them we would. You should probably go there some this week and spend your money to make up for it.

So, I'm going to go, I got shit to do. Next post will be your reminder about Festivus on the 8th.

20 riders; 45ยบ and pissy.

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