Friday, April 29, 2011

May: The Busiest Bike Month

There are a ton of bike things going on. Below I will post a couple of them. But first, I will tell you about the most important one of them all.

Prom Fiasco!
Time again to get out you fancy finery and jump on your bike. We will be meeting early again this month. I will probably remind you again. This is just a heads up to get out there and find yourself something sparkly for the ride.

Meet at The Swamp
Saturday May, 14th
@ 7:00pm

As for the rest of the May bike happenings. Here are a few things that have arrived in my email, Twitter feed and Facebook.

(Click image for FB event.)

PEACH and Fresh Abundance
County Fair
Saturday May 30

Sorry I couldn't get this up sooner. This is a fun ride that takes less time than you think. I have followed the Google maps bike route out there before, and it was not disappointing. There are also some trails that lead down that way from the South Hill that are pretty spectacular.

(Click image for FB event.)

NeighborWoods Launch Party
Bike event
Saturday May 7

This looks like another fun one. This is what I got in my email: 

What: We’re pulling 2 or 3 trees from Pedals to People to the new Spokane Public Market, where we’re having a tree planting party with a DJ, wine-tasting, taco truck, etc… 
When: Saturday May 7th, Meet at Pedals to People at 4:30.  The bicycle-tree parade starts then and will proceed to the Public Market. 
They will have a trailer and some saplings for you to pull to the Public Market. Should be a good time.

(Click stolen image for FB link)
And as always, May is when Bike To Work Week is. This year, it looks like they are expanding it to take over the entire month. Hazzah!  And by they, I mean the formerly known as Bike to Work Spokane, now Spokane Bikes. There is the Kick Off Breakfast, Energizer Stations, an Awareness ride; Seriously, there is a lot of stuff. I'll just put up a link to their Facebook page from here.

Anyway, if I don't see you guys out there at some of these events, I will certainly see you at the Prom Fiasco.


  1. Here are the Facebook links for the Bike to Work Week events:

    Bike to Work Week Kickoff Breakfast - 5/16 -

    Energizer Stations - 5/18 -

    Ride of Silence: Bike Safety Awareness Ride - 5/18 -

    Bike FROM Work Wrap-Up Party! - 5/20 -

    Please make sure you convince your co-workers to bike commute!

  2. Spokane Bikes is compiling a comprehensive list of biking events, such as FBC Midnight Fiascos, club rides, competitions and charity rides.

    Check it out at:

    If you have a bike event that you would like listed, send an email to