Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom 2011 Was Magical

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With much fanfare and multiple postings, all the Lifetime Members For Life (LMFL) were reminded this months Fiasco was going to be on Saturday. Not only was it moved a couple of days, but it was also time for the Prom Ride.

The weather this time of year and potential for super rad costumes brings out quite the crowd. I new it was going to be big, but this was a little surprising. We towed a long train of riders from The Swamp to the fountain and then on to nYne. We were here in November. For the twenty of you that went on that ride, you will remember that it was an epic night of karaoke awesomeness.

nYne was set up and ready for our huge crowd. They provided food and booze as fast as they possibly could while the DJ mixed up some great stuff to dance to, and a patient crowd cued for their beverages. I'll have to hand it to the LMFL for their patience in the block long line to get in the building. There was a crazy long line at the bar as soon as we all got there, but that didn't happen again all night. The staff worked their asses off. All in all, it was a great night. We even had a couple announce their engagement right there on the dance floor. Excellent. I'm pretty sure that is a first for the fbc worldwide. You heard me, I said worldwide. We now have a small contingency in Korea. KOREA!

160+ riders; 54ยบ, partly cloudy and fucking windy


  1. A stupid name for this site

  2. What kind of name is Anonymous, anyway?

  3. Jeff,

    Carolyn from REI recommended I try to contact you. I am helping organize Purpleride: Spoke d' Alene - a bike ride on Sept. 10th to raise money to find a cure for pancreatic cancer, a disease that kills 95% of thoses diagnosed with it w/in 5 years. Would any of the FBC like to do the ride or be involved somehow? You can soon register at It is is ride from Spokane to Coeur d' Alene w/ 4, 15, 37 and 57 mile routes. $20 get you the ride, shirt, catered lunch by Texas Roadhouse and concert by South of Rock Band. Prizes for top fundraisers such as bike gear, restraunt gift cards and sports memorobilia. Contact me for more info. Jeff - 509-990-9119 or Thanks!

  4. What's up with the conga line on prom? . . . . We should totally do that every time.

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