Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Keep your card
in case I come up with something special.
(click card for pics)
Other than having entirely too many spoke cards for the event, everything went great for the first Pilgrims & Indians Ride.

The snow kept a lot or riders from coming out, but the riders that were there were ready for a good time. I wish I could give each of you a prize for riding. Tell you what, go knit yourself a snazzy toque and say it's from me. You deserve it. 

I had planned for a longer route, but it included some precarious bridges and I didn't feel like fishing riders out of the river so we took a straight shot through town. While it was not without spills, all the riders jumped right up with a smile and got right back to pedaling. I turned around to see one rider fall while still hanging on with one hand, get up and continue without loosing forward momentum. I think a cushion of winter clothes, 3 inches of snow and beverages contributed to his resilience. To see a pilgrim, Indian and a turkey in a laughing heap in the snow was pretty good, too.

We soon arrived at nYne, a bar and bistro on Sprague that has been asking to have the FBC visit for a while. I was hoping for a larger crowd for our first visit, but karaoke, a regulation baseball hoop, great service and a capacity of well over 150 will have us back for a summer ride. Thanks for having us.

20+ riders; 20ยบ and snowing

December will be the Festivus Ride. 
Do not miss this one.


  1. Turnout may have been small, but this ride rocked! Thanks to all who came down for it, to all who stepped up to sing karaoke, and to nYne!

  2. Well said, Rachel. Thanks for coming.