Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Cuppins

(click card for photos)
I think I may have recovered completely from another successful Full Moon Fiasco. This one was the third birthday of the FBC and it couldn't have been any better.

Of course we started at The Swamp and big thanks go to Joe and his staff for pouring the beverages as best they could surrounded by a bunch of hot and thirsty bike riders. We stayed our hour and got to our bikes for a fun ride down Riverside, across Sandifur Bridge, across town on Broadway and through the park to the fountain where a few riders opted for a trip through the water. Refreshing. From there it was a short trip on Main for our second trip to The Globe where we pretty much had the run of the place being a Monday night. I called The Globe a week before and she didn't even bat an eye when I told her there would be well over one hundred people. There was extra staffing which included a door guy and full kitchen. Kudos, The Globe. You have done well and we will return.

I was surprised to see that one of the Lifetime Members For Life made a few cupcakes to pass out at The Swamp, another two riders brought birthday hats for everyone. I also brought a gift for everyone. A pair of the best friends a person could have made a slew of cupcakes and invited us over to slather them with homemade icing and watch Rad. Now seriously, could you think of a better use of your time? Anyway I pulled a trailer with the mystery box of cuppins, opened it at The Globe and they disappeared. Awesome.

For a closer, the Veggie Crew and I made our way over to The Library where we continually asked about getting in the pool but only aggravated a cool bartender. We may have to go there for a fiasco but probably a cold ride.

Thanks to everyone for making donations for the spoke cards. That goes toward keeping the spoke cards coming, delicious cuppins and other fun things for all you Lifetime Members For Life.

125+ riders; 65° and clear.

Off the Chainring in Spokane

An upcoming event that you should attend is the Bikestravaganza at the Community Center. Click the title for a link to the Facebook event. You can get details after the jump. "...a traveling road show of bicycle talk, movies, zines, and transportation activism and advocacy." Bring less than five dollars for the door and have some fun. This should be a good time and a bunch of people have gone to a bit of trouble to get it together which includes the SpokeFest Association. If you haven't participated in SpokeFest, be sure to register for the ride coming up in September.

We may have to ride to get some beverages after the show.


  1. Too bad the Swamp was over capacity… AGAIN.
    What was wrong with the Viking? Good beer, and everyone can fit inside.

  2. Nothing is wrong with any of them. Well, except for Maxwell House. Maxwell House is a douche.