Monday, June 28, 2010

Prom 2010: The Best One Yet

(click card for pics)
Every time I think that the FBC Fiascoes can not get any better, a ride like this one happens. The Prom Fiasco was another in a long line of really great rides. My goal was to just make it happen and I had a bit of last minute help that made it not just happen, but made it really special.

Joe and his staff at The Swamp deserve a huge thank you for making special arrangements for our larger than large crowd by having door security and an outdoor cash bar. Some of you guys have asked why we meet here all the time and that is the reason. They are great people giving that extra effort to make it great for an overwhelming group. We spent a little extra time there and headed downtown to ride by all the Hoopfest activity and show off our tuxedo shirts and miles of chiffon. If you are not familiar with Hoopfest, follow the link and learn all there is to know about 3 on 3 basketball.

If you know me you know that I hate to do something last minute and this ride had so many last minutes, I didn't have a destination until two days before. That's not so bad when you are going to a bar with a few friends, but I love calling a bar and telling them that I would like to bring 200 people. Tim at the Steam Plant really came through for me on this one. When we were struggling to have a steady starting venue, he offered up the Steam Plant about the same time we settled into a location. Tim then realized with our earlier start for the Prom Ride, he would be able to have our super awesome dance party. Destination resolved!

DJ+♥ was able to step in and take over the task of making the FBC shake a booty and he did not disappoint. From pop 80's to the obscure to show tunes, he was able to mix it up for a great prom night, along with Purple Rain as the closer.

Another last minute addition was the Decoration Committee. Jacque, BS, The Good Doctor, N/G and new LMFL, Cindy. They were able to transform the basement into prom headquarters. Well done guys. I owe you big time.

To Tim and the staff at the Steam Plant for roping off an area of valuable parking for 150 bicycles, for accommodating 200 drinkers and for staying way past your usual closing time; a well deserved thank you goes out to you and I would love to do it again real soon.

To supplement the photos that we took, there are a couple of galleries of photos from Lifetime Members For Life below. If you have a gallery of photos, put a link in the comments section so we can all see them.
Thank you all for coming out and having a good time on bicycles and for your dollar donation for the spoke cards. I know it was a short ride but really, how far do you want to go while wearing a tux? Next month is the Birthday Ride. Stay tuned for updates about that one.

57° and clear; 150+riders.


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  2. SVS loves the FBC!

  3. SVS loves the FBC!