Sunday, June 6, 2010

Delayed Entry

(click card for pics)
Wow, I think this is the longest it's taken for me to get a chance to post the pictures of the Fiasco. I have had my ass handed to me by some school projects and just haven't had a chance to post, but here I am on a Sunday with almost the entire quarter in the rear-view and a batch of pictures for you.

I am excited to learn that most of the issues with the capacity at The Swamp are mostly worked out. Their new capacity is 100 customers which includes the now much smaller back patio. This makes me happy. Though I am still in the market for a destination for our next ride. More on that later.

Many thanks to The Swamp for once again letting us take over for an hour or so. Also to the Lifetime Members For Life that are always ultra rad! Most of all a big thank you to Litz's for their hospitality every time we go there. I called earlier in the week and asked if they would mind another visit from the FBC and they were stoked to have us. After I told them about the theme, they decided to decorate the place and put there employees in Hawaiian shirts. Super cool!

The next fiasco will be PROM. We will be starting earlier in the evening June 26th. Get out there soon and get your garb together for it, but I will have more information on that in a couple of weeks. Right now I am looking for a destination bar. Preferably one with lots of space, an outdoor place to have drinks and a full bar (not just beer). I know this doesn't sound so hard, but I am thinking we will have more than 150 Lifetime Members For Life. Wedging that many people into a bar is pretty tough. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at the fbc address. which is fbcspokane followed immediately by the at sign then hotmail and a dot and a com. Got it?

50 degrees and cloudy; 125 riders.

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