Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fiasco 34: Tiny Bubbles

Okay gang, you have a week to get ready for this one. The weather has gotten its shit together and it looks like we are going to get some summertime. To mark the beginning of the season, this months Full Moon Fiasco will be a Luau! Some Lifetime Members For Life are working on getting a free band to play at our free location for cheep drinks so cross your fingers for everything to work out. For those of you that don't drink beer, fear not, our Luau location will have a full array of drinkables. Maybe you can even get a little umbrella.

I'm pretty excited about this one and you should be, too. So go raid your closet for a flowery shirt or a grass skirt, and put on your favorite Luau wardrobe, get on your bike and meet at The Swamp Parking Lot at 8:00pm Thursday May 27th. We may not all be able to fit inside but we can still start our ride there. The ride will be pretty flat so put some air in the tires on your cruiser.


  1. Really? The Swamp?

    The Viking has been so great and it's SO roomy. Did something fall through with them or are they already busy that night or something?

    I hope we can start future rides at The Viking again. It's nice to actually be able to go in and have a beer while we wait for everyone to arrive.

    Can you tell us when we're planning to actually leave The Swamp? I don't want to arrive at 8 only to stand outside for an hour, ya know?

    My birthday's on Wednesday too. I think I'm going to invite my friends to join me at the FBC to celebrate. :-)

  2. Uhhh... or I mean Thursday apparently for the ride (birthday's still on Wednesday)

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  4. Luau are you kidding? its rainy kitty cats and puppy dogs. if it doesn't clear up I'm out.

  5. Buncha fuckin' whiners. Its raining, boo hoo. The swamp is small and we might have to wait, waaaaaahh. Don't like it make your own bike club. Lifetime members for life aren't stopped by such little things. We relish the rain. We love cramped sweaty bars. Bring it on.

  6. There's a big difference between crowded and not allowed inside due to fire code.

    I also thought the FBC prided itself on being a group for all sorts of cyclists. This last comment doesn't seem very tolerant at all.