Saturday, November 7, 2009

Festivus Begging

I have few breaks in my school schedule to allow me to work on Festivus planning so I have to start now to think that I can pull this off.

If you are not familiar with the FBC Festivus, it is a decorated bike ride that terminates at an event with bicycle themed games and prize giveaways. Last year was a overwhelming success with several businesses and individuals making donations. This year promises to be much larger and I am starting my annual begging for prize donations. Here is what I posted on Facebook:

With the Festivus Ride being so early in December (5th), I am working on donations for the event.

There are several events planned that include podium prizes (1st through 3rd). These events would include but not limited to the same ones from last year, such as the bike decorating contest with two categories and possibly an overall winner, the frame toss event and the very popular ring toss game. I would like to have others like maybe a slow race or some fixed gear stuff. Some of the 1st place prizes last year were pretty big, including wine from Caterina, a big gift certificate from Fresh Abundance, gear from North Division Bicycles, free stuff at The Scoop and Neato Burrito.

If you or someone you know would be able to donate something from your business or local bike shop, the FBC Spokane would certainly appreciate it. So much in fact that I would be able to post your logo or link on the blogspot, linking to any possible online information or a website and generally go on and on about how cool you are. Also, if you have a banner that you would like to display at the event you are welcome to do so, granted that you are responsible for bringing, hanging and removing.

Since all of this sounds like a good idea and you would like to participate, you are welcome to contact me here on facebook or the other FBC email address with what you would like to donate and information on how I can retrieve you donation:


Thanks for being a fan. You make this whole thing work.
Like I mentioned in the post on Facebook, please contact me at the above email address and I can make arrangements to meet with you to collect whatever sort of donation you would like to make.

The Lifetime Members For Life really do make this whole thing work.

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