Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Great Turnout

(click the spoke card for pictures)
And I was all worried that the rain and cold would keep riders indoors. I made fewer spoke cards and had a really short route. I couldn't have been wronger. Except maybe just then with the use of the word 'wronger'.

The weather was perfect for riding. Instead of the predicted rain, it was dry and a little warmer that the few days before. Though, my trip down the hill was a little reminder that winter is right around the corner.

I was excited to find more than 30 riders were there enjoying their beverages and ready to ride. We packed up at 9ish and took off for The Globe. Located on Division and Main, it's a medium sized place with pool tables, a jukebox, food, beer and a bike rack.

The crew thinned as the evening ticked away. Some were headed home and others were going to the Baby Bar to listen to James Pants and Peter Parker. A packed bar full of dancing drunks had me finish my drink quickly and make my way outside for my return trip up the hill.

A great ride with some new Lifetime Members for Life.

THE FULL MOON FIASCO FESTIVUSThis one is a special event started by some friends in StL. It's an opportunity to decorate your bike with lights, ornaments, tinsel and really whatever it takes to win some prizes.

Speaking of prizes, I would like to find some willing souls to donate things to be given out as rewards for a job well done. We will have judging for use of lights, use of decorations and some others. Along with that will be the Feats of Strength to include but not limited to frame toss, houla hoop, and if we get a good fixie contengency we will have the requisite fixie tricks.

If you or someone you know would be able to donate stuff for the giveaway, let me know through email. Anything like Carabiners, coupons, water bottles, a date with one of these guys.

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  1. too busy drinking and was lift behind. gosh darnit.