Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cyclocross Season Almost Over

I was lucky enough to get in on a great deal involving a van and a trailer full of bikes to Farragut State Park for the next to last Cyclocross race this season.

Fun was had and pictures were taken. (click the picture for more)

The LAST race this season will be at 7 Mile. If you are unfamiliar with this area it's just outside of town...about 7 miles.

We will be riding out there to watch the races Saturday 22nd at 9:00am. If you want to ride along at a leisurely pace to watch some racing and participate in the after race festivities and awards ceremony, feel free to join us at Rocket Bakery downtown across the street from Two Wheel Transit. Check the weather the day of, but we are looking at 30% chance of showers with 100% chance of 40degrees for most of the day. Pack the swishy clothes. Any questions, email me.


  1. Think of and/or drink a beer for me. I'm on do-do, oops, I mean duty at the FD.

  2. I'd like to ride with you
    But I don't know the address
    of the Swamp. I don't do computers,
    so here's my number.