Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Uphill Battle

Looks like there is going to be another chance to go to Hangar 57. There is going to be a race from the Riverfront Fountain to the Hangar. At the Hangar they will be showing a video from Fast Friday. All of this will be starting at 7:00p.m. October 28th, so if you aren't down for a race come up to Hangar 57 for some drinks and enjoy watching some kids on bikes show off their sweet tricks. Any questions can be taken care of by Simon(info on the flyer). This is not an FBC event.

Do you have your costume ready?

The Halloween ride will be on Friday October 31st. We will start at The Swamp at 8:00p.m. and we will struggle through the traffic lights to show off all that hard work you put in on that outfit. There will be a costume contest but I don't know what the prize will be if any. It may just be bragging rights.

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