Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Called Ahead... I Promise

I called to warn Hangar 57 that I would be bringing around 35 people so we would not have the line or the pie plate eyes that the lone bartender gets when we show up. Didn't seem to help much. With $2.00 draft and Karaoke it was just going to be busy.

At the beginning, some were apprehensive about climbing the South Hill on a 7 mile ride. We began and the sprinters took off going their usual way up some of the harder climbs and confused the shit out of the others that were not that familiar with the route, so I spent a good portion of the ride shouting LEFT! RIGHT! STRAIGHT! SLOW DOWN! ONE LANE! I immediately thought of my friend Lee in StL. Very effective shouter of directions. Could have used you Lee.

I even tried to encourage them to stick with me by not making that many spoke cards and, per Ken's suggestion, pass them out when we got to the top. Thanks to the Good Doctor for keeping an eye on the back of the pack so we could show up together.

We made a stop at Rocket Market for some snacks and singles and then it was on to Hatch Rd. That's right, Hatch, the rough, difficult to navigate death trap for cyclist. Mostly because of grandpa's in Audi's headed to the golf course. Lucky for us, it was closed for resurfacing and we had a smooth, dark, carless ride up to 57th where we then had a bike lane all the way to Hangar 57. Hopefully, the resurfacing of Hatch will include a bike lane. They certainly have the room for it.


We are going to have an extra ride this month. We will be having a Halloween ride on October 31st. We will meet at The Swamp at 8:00p.m. We will be in costume. We will have a large time. We will post details about the route as collected. We will not be going that far or up so strange bikes are encouraged. Be sure to wear your costume so you can get a spoke card.

Any questions, feel free to email me through the contact button at the top. Thanks for coming out for this one.


  1. Fantastic ride. I am a chump and had to leave the hangar by 10:15 because I had to be at work at 6:00 the next morning, but regardless it was a fun time.

  2. I see people are beginning to bundle up in Spokane. Also quite a few on a budget. Keystone Beyah?