Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everybody wins dollar Pabst!

It's true. After the race from Riverfront Park to Hangar 57, Pabst was one dollar. Seriously, you shouldn't pay more.

Everyone enjoyed the Fast Friday viewing and some good old track stand and skid competition. Simon and crew did a great job of putting this together and getting the word out.

I took a few pictures and you can get to them by clicking the spoke card that I didn't make.

Ready for Halloween?

I hope so, it's tomorrow. Put on your costume, get on your bike, ride to The Swamp at 8:00p.m., drink your drink and ride with me to a Halloween bar party for some costume judging. I really don't have a route for any sort of extended ride so if you ride a weird bike bring it. The route will be flat and uneventful. Quite unlike the last Fiasco.

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