Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Post

(click the card for pictures)
Thanks to everyone that dressed up and came along for the ride. I know there are several things to do on Halloween so I really appreciate you making it out for a bike ride.

Festivities began as always at The Swamp. I was sad to leave because Dearly Departed was about to play. Go check these guys out, they do not disappoint. From there we took a thankfully short ride to the Baby Bar. Everyone knows how hard it is to ride a bike in costume.

Our next ride will be November 12th. It's a Wednesday and it will probably be cold, but that is no reason to skip out. Tell your boss you need some time off, buy some thick socks and come ride your bike. There may even be a theme. Halloween is over, but you know you like to dress up.


  1. I am still fucking drunk, what the hell?!? I don't even remember the end of the night.

  2. Haha, go Derek! Youse folks all rock, thanks for letting any old riff-raff like me be a Lifetime Member For Life. I'll be the one complaining about the emm-effing cold on the next one. Jenefer