Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're Moving

It's time once again for the Full Moon Fiasco. This months ride will be Wednesday June 18th. We will meet at the usual time of 8:00pm and ride at 9:00pm. As noted by the title, we will be starting in a new location a little further down the hill. I haven't committed to being at the bottom yet. What fun would it be for you North Siders if you didn't get a chance to fly back down that thing. We will meet at Beniditto's. (on Lincoln)

We will end our ride at a Wednesday night special that only costs a dollar. Some of you know of which I speak.

Also, I would like to mention that pedals2people is participating in the Pride Parade this year. They are trying to get as many bicycles as possible. Be sure to follow the link above and check it out. The parade will be June 14th.


  1. Did you talk Chris into installing a Karoke machine at Bennidito's, 'cause otherwise it just won't be the same ;)

  2. I agree! It is always motivating to hear mullet rock karaoke before a ride. Maybe we should start meeting at the Second Worst Bar on the SouthfuckingHill instead, that way the night just keeps getting better the more places we go.
    While we're on the subject, Where is the second worst bar on the south hill?

  3. I see the FBC was mentioned in this week's Inlander. If this keeps up the rides are gonna get so popular that nobody will go on them any more. (Shamelessly stolen from Yogi Berra.)