Thursday, June 19, 2008

But this one goes to twelve

So it does. This Fiasco did indeed go to twelve.

Our starting point was different this month. We began at Bennidito's to some surprised faces as the bikers started rolling in. Mostly the surprise was on my face. After a few less than amazing turn outs for some of the winter Fiascos, I was beside myself when the Prom ride turned out over 40 riders two weeks ago and this Fiasco reigned in over 20. On a Wednesday no less.

Speaking of Prom, I received some late entry photos from Jonathan. One of which is stellar, even though I am in it. They can be found in an album all their own within the Prom Ride Album. You'll find it, it's first.

For this ride, I actually had a plan which as Fiascos go, did not go as planned.

I sent out a mass texting and got a reply from Tim that said he had to babysit. So I wrote back that we would come by and yell stuff at his house. So I made the announcement (first in FBC Spokane history and I don't think they expected the nasally Southern noise that came out of my mouth) that we would be stopping by Tim's house and moving on. We made the short ride to his house, cued up out on the street, and on the count of three a group of 20 plus riders all yelled "STUFF!". Nothing happened. He was in the garage for band practice, so we pretty much just scared the shit out of the kids he was watching. So I guess it worked out just fine. We high fived Tim and moved on to The Swamp for a pit stop of pictures and pitchers.

We all get out of there on time and bike up when I tell everyone that we would be following a little longer route instead of the straight line to the Baby Bar. We got to the point where we turn left for the longer route and the need to get to a bar and continue the festivities kicked in and with the exception of three riders the entire peloton turned right. Oh well, it's right we go then. On to the bar!

The Baby Bar was jam packed due to two very important factors. The first was that it was Wednesday and that marks the occasion when Pabst and grilled cheese sandwiches are offered for a dollar each. Unmistakable goodness with a toasted cheesyness. The second was James Pants was DJing the hell out of the place. Also found here, and more than one place on YouTube.

This is where we stayed. This is where we rocked. This is where we met a dude about to ride his bike to Chicago. So, heads up StL FBC, there may be a guy on a bike looking for something to do. I told him how to find you.

Pictures were taken. Mine are under the spoke card. When I get the link to more, I will post it in the comments section.

See you all and more next month. July 18. It's a Friday. This one will be special. The Full Moon Fiasco will be one year old. Baby all grows up.


  1. We had 240+ on the ride in STL.

  2. Holy crap! How many spoke cards do you guys make now?

  3. Dang! I think I drank 240 beers during the Prom ride. Is that the same?

    My fiasco blog post found here and more pics here