Thursday, November 1, 2012

Skeledrome Beta

Looks like someone wants to get down on what sounds like a fun alley cat type of event, and the FBC has been invited. This is what I got on my electronic mail viewing device:
We're having another Skelodrome beta ride this Saturday, Nov 3 @ 12 noon at the Iron Bridge parking garage  and would love to invite the FBC to attend! Happy to answer any questions you may have about Skelodrome. Otherwise, here's a quick look at the run of events:
The 15er – race to the top of the garage, making right turns only. 15 laps at the top, and sprint down left hand turns only.
Two Timer Relay – relay teams race to the top, riding 2 1/2 through each level before proceeding to the next. Once the top 2 laps are finished, racers speed back down to tag their teammates.
The official launch is scheduled for May 2013. Cyclist participation and feedback would be greatly appreciated. We're focusing on event usability with this run. 
Sounds like this could be a really fun time, and also gather some important information about an even kick ass-er event in the summer. I would love to be there, but I will be at a football game with my family. So you guys be sure to tell me all about it.

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