Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fiascoween Wrap

(Click card for pictures)
Even though there were no less that 400 million parties in Spokane on Saturday night, the turnout for Fiascoween VI was spectacular. You guys never disappoint with your costume variety, either. It's always tough to balance a really great costume with the ability to ride a bike.

To reward those of you that busted your ass for a costume and rode your bike through the drizzle, I decided to pull three gifts out of the Festivus pile-o-presents. Friend of FBC Spokane, Kevin at Custom Printed Beer Glasses did what the name suggests. If you ever need something printed on something, I would suggest checking this guy out. Kick ass quality, beyond reasonable prices and service with a smile. All around great guy. Thanks a ton, Kevin. I can't wait to give away the rest of them at Festivus.

I also want to thank the new owners of The Viking for letting us roll in there on a night when they were guaranteed to pack the place even before we showed up.

Alright, the winners. There were many good ones, and it was hard to narrow it down to just three, but with some help from anyone within range of my out-loud thinking, we/I made a decision. Third place was awarded to what I can only describe as a Cowboy Flight Suit. Magical. Second place went to the Price Is Right Contestants. Very convincing attire and well placed padding. First place was given to Handlebar Mustache Pumpkin. Mostly because of the skill and craftsmanship that went into making it, and partly because he also ran Flying Irish with that damn thing on his head. Well done, sir. Be sure to check out the pictures on Flickr, and check back soon about the November ride. Thanks everybody.

90+ riders; 39ยบ and rainy.

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