Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five Years of Fiasco

I asked in a Facebook poll to see what you guys thought we should do for a theme in July. The choices were:
A Luau. Giving us all a chance to imagine ourselves in a part of the country that actually has a summer.
A Formal. Since we missed prom season by a month or so, it would be nice to throw on some fancy Sunday clothes and go get grease and beer on them.
A Longer Route. I know most of the time we take a simple A to B route because of weather or time constraints or I'm a lazy bastard, so there is the option for a longer route. 
Something Else Entirely. Mostly this was an option to see what you guys have in mind. I like the input. Some of it funny. Some useful. Some have a little of both. It got a lot of votes, but for several different things, so it really wasn't in the running.
Tens of you voted.

It looks like it's going to be A Luau.
Not only will we be celebrating 5 years of life for the FBC Spokane, but we will be doing so in style. Get to Classy Rack (or whatever they call it now), Value Village or Goodwill and find yourself some luau duds. Flowery shirts, grass skirts and/or coconuts. Pick up a lei or two so that guy can make that joke. All. Night. Long.

I also changed the date and time. I mentioned in the last write up that this full moon would be on Tuesday. Well, there is already a Tuesday Night Bike Ride. I don't want to potentially draw numbers away from that group, and what's wrong with having two large bike rides in one week? Nothing, that's what. So our little thing will be on Saturday.
Look forward to enjoying the weather, whatever it is on a little longer than normal ride, and a dance party luau to follow. I'll see you downtown.

The Swamp
Saturday July 7th
7:00 pm

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