Thursday, December 1, 2011

Festivus 2011

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It's time for Festivus!

I've had a time trying to get this event off the ground. From venue issues to prize aquisition, it's been a struggle. But with the help of some valuable lifetime members for life, this thing is going to happen.

I am sad to announce that we do not have the same venue space to hold the outdoor games. I know quite a few of you were looking forward to the Slow Race and the Obstacle Course. However, we will still have the Tire Toss game and some other things going on indoors. There will be no shortage of prizes, so all you have to do is show up and get a spoke card (one dollar donation greatly appreciated) for your chance to go home with some really great stuff during our number calling giveaway spectacular. I even have a super special giveaway for a super special someone.

I would also like to encourage you to wear something festive. Go nuts. There is a prize for it. I may even make up a reason to give away a prize.

As for the flyer shown on the left, you can click it to get to a PDF if you would like to print it to hang just about anywhere you like.

The Swamp
Saturday, December 10th


  1. I'll be there with lights on!

  2. was a great ride!!! thanks for all yer hard work, hoss... be safe, and lookin forward to seein' the pictures!!!

  3. You need to promote this ride better....a big let down when only a handful of riders show.