Thursday, October 27, 2011

FBC Alaska

I got this in the emails a couple of weeks ago. I thought you might like to see some news from the newest chapter of the FBC. In Alaska.

Thanks for the kind words, Kaitlin. Keep up the good work.
I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for being a positive and
inspiring influence in my life. 
In the spirit of FBC Spokane, we had an inaugural FBC, Alaska chapter,
ride last night with an astounding 6 riders joining in on the
festivities. Pretty good for 35 degree weather. 
We met at our local Kenai River Brewery for some beer sampling before
departing to a super secret surprise location (St. Elias Brewery for
some live music and additional beer drinking). Helmets, lights, warm
clothing, common sense, and beer-drinking were encouraged. Stupidity
and jerkiness were discouraged. All present automatically became
lifetime members for life. New friends were made and much fun was had
by all. 
Thanks for bringing positive energy into the community and more fun
into the world, Have a happy full moon ride tonight! 
Lifetime Member for Life, Kaitlin Vadla 
(PS, feel free to share this message on your blog - I think it's
beyond super that you have brought so many people together with the
FBC. Many happy full moons to you and all FBCers everywhere!)