Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crossing The Streams

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I was pleased to see so many new riders for this Full Moon Fiasco, and so many great costumes.

Game 4 of the World Series is about to start, so I'll get right to it.

We started our ride at The Swamp with the lightest of sprinkles, and a million red lights to make our way toward the fountain. After making a few dizzying circles around it, the Lifetime Members For Life started North toward the Post Street hill. There were a shocking number of cars driving up Post Street, and the only reason I can think of is they were leaving the hockey game. It made that right at the top a little tricky, but just about everyone made it without getting yelled at by some impatient driver. There was one dude on a bike that thought sitting in the middle of the road and stopping traffic was a good way to straighten this out. I tried to politely ask him to not do that, but it came out in a string of obscenities. My bad.

Our destination this time was the Garland Theater and Bon Bon. I had a few plans laid out that didn't quite work, so our friend Dena fixed everything. She set us up at Bon Bon, provided the DJ, set up the theater so we could watch Ghostbusters and got the crew from Pizza Rita to come over and sell cheap slices last minute. Good on ya, Dena. And also a big thank you to the staff of Garland, Bon Bon and Pizza Rita. You guys are the best, and I owe you all big time.

LOST: Set of keys.
If anyone found any keys during the ride, please comment here and we can make sure they get back to the owner.
125+ riders; 42ยบ partly cloudy

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  1. Had a great time riding with ya'll... Looking forward to the next one I have a chance to attend... Be safe, and keep the rubber-side down!!!