Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festivus 2010

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The Good Doctor and I are on a well deserved vacation, so I apologize for the late posting. There were also a ton of pictures to format thanks to Lifetime Member For Life, Hank. He was the one with the big fancy camera getting all up in your grill. Thanks, Hank.

Festivus went with out a hitch. The Swamp held us for an hour or so before we ganged up our decorated bikes and headed down the familiar streets through Browne's Addition, around the roundabout at The Elk and over to the fountain at the park before heading up to the Steam Plant. The GM, Tim let us take over their parking garage and set us up with a full bar outside and pretty much gave us free reign. Big thanks go out to Tim and the staff at Steam Plant for their hospitality.

As you know, the Festivus Ride is a chance for me to ask friends of the FBC to donate goods and services to give away during the raffle and as prizes for the events. Well, this year we had some excellent prizes. Below is a list of the places that were able to help us out with donations. I can not thank you enough for your contributions to this little bike club.

These are not in any specific order, just wrote them down how I remembered them:
  • Anvil Coffee - Mark roasts his own beans here in Spokane, and does a damn fine job. He was able to donate 9 bags of coffee to the cause. He is roasting out of The Shop. They were unable to donate this year, but you should go visit anyway.
  • Garland Theater - My buddy Dena gave me no less than 120 free movie tickets! That meant that everyone went home with at least one free movie from the Garland. Sweet! Looks like the FBC may be planning to visit them soon.
  • Neato Burrito - I never can say enough nice things about Tim and Patty. They always help us out. This time, we got some gift cardboards for a few free meals. Go there. Go back. Go again.
  • North Division Bicycle Shop - Another place that does not hesitate to contribute to the FBC. I got another box of fun stuff which included a pair of Clif Bar flip-flops that went out as the DFL prize for the slow race. Good on ya, Eric.
  • Chrome - Chrome is a big time name in messenger bags that has expanded their merch to include all sorts of clothing. One item in particular, is the coveted jersey. A limited release item that is not for sale. I was astounded to receive this as a donation. There was only one thing to do, once I eliminated the possibility of keeping it for myself. I gave it to a hard working lieutenant of the FBC. Thanks for all your hard work, Anthony.
  • Knog - A not so recent addition to the list of friends, Knog has been able to donate to two Festivus Rides and actually came to visit during the summer of 2009. That ride is still the largest at 225 riders. They sent us some great swag all the way from Australia. Cheers.
  • Cycling Spokane - John was one of the original five that came to the first Fiasco to have riders other than The Good Doctor and I. He is also one of the luckiest at road finds. A few day before the Festivus, he found a folding Buck knife in the road. He donated that knife as a prize this year, and I donated a sharpening of said knife. That prize also went to Anthony so he could protect that jersey.
  • Artemisia Acupuncture - A new Lifetime Member For Life, these guys donated a free consultation and treatment. This was another one I was tempted to keep, but you know I can't do that.
  • pedals2people - Always willing to help out cyclists in need, p2p donated a full year of membership to the shop. That's a pretty sweet deal. I forgot to get the information from the winner, so if you could email me so I can tell them who won. Thanks.
  • Jones Radiator - Freshly opened neighborhood bar, Jones Radiator donated a fist full of coupons for menu items. I hope to get a chance to take the FBC over there fairly soon. They could also use a proper website if you are willing to donate some time to them.(same goes for Anvil Coffee)
  • REI - A half a case of water bottles were donated, and I had a great time throwing them into the crowd. You could always use a new water bottle or three.
  • Kaya Goods - Lars donated some ingenious prizes. He brought along about six or seven dog leashes with an attached bottle opener. Nothing makes me want a beverage more than walking my crazy ass dog. I neglected to call out numbers for them to be given away, but it worked out because The Good Doctor cruised the crowd asking who had a dog and giving them one of the leashes.
I want to thank every single one of you for coming out to make the Festivus Ride a success. You guys are the greatest. Have a fun holiday, and I will see you at the January Full Moon Fiasco.

100+ riders; 24ยบ and clear

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