Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fiascoween IV Wrap

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I'm half way to getting a real, honest to Zeus degree and my work load is pretty dense. I'm fairly confident that they have little regard for the bike club. Having a few things under control, I finally have some time to work on the photos and get a short wrap up post on the blogspot.

I suppose I look busy because a valued Lifetime Member for Life volunteered to handle the heavy lifting on this ride and I am most thankful. You will recognize him as Mario in the photos. He confirmed the destination bar, got the FBC in for a one dollar spoke card donation and even curated a few prizes for the costume contest. Good on ya, Mario!

This month we celebrated our fourth Fiascoween with a visit to Seaside. Formerly about fifteen other bars, this iteration celebrates the Sounders game by packing the place and apparently, 'Mario' invented a drink there that works out to be Sounders colors. I may have my stories crossed, but I'm pretty sure that is accurate. They also have some great shows there. The FBC was lucky enough to hear one of those bands. They were high energy and adept at their instruments. I don't remember their name. If you do, please leave it in the comments. The Seaside was accommodating and friendly to all the riders and stayed on top of getting drinks poured. And they weren't stingy when it came to mixing a drink, either. Thanks guys.

I think the only issue we had during the ride was due to the 2nd Avenue work going on. It does a great job of dividing one side of town from the other. In an effort to avoid crossing and riding headlong into a giant pit of gravel, we skipped stopping at the fountain and went straight to our destination. Well, the front half of the ride did that, the back half took off for the fountain, but were quick to realize what happened and got there about ten minutes behind us. Thanks to The Good Doctor and Joe for rounding up the strays.

We had a visit from the VoteBot. In an effort to increase the amount of young voters, the VoteBot came out to tell us about a fun event on the 31st. All the information you could want and more can be found here.

As the second largest, I think Fiascoween IV was a successful 39th ride. Thanks everyone for being on your best behavior, except for that one chick.

180 riders; 43° and partly cloudy.

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