Thursday, September 2, 2010

REI Bike Expo

I hope everyone is registered for Spokefest this year. Today is the last day to get the reduced rate for registration! Should prove to be a fun ride. I'm trying to talk myself into the 40+ mile option, but the good doctor and I may have only enough time for the 20+ mile option.

I got an email today asking the FBC and its Lifetime Members For Life to attend the REI "Bike Expo" on Saturday, September 11 from 12:00 to 4:00. That's the day before Spokefest, and the way I figure you will be headed to Mountain Gear to pick up your registration packets. Why not head over to REI and hang out with some other bike folks and tell them of the fun adventures of the FBC and convince the roadies we aren't critical mass. Then we may go get a snack and beverages.

Here is an excerpt from the email:
We’re calling it Spoke-ed Day: Be Ready for SpokeFest and Beyond! My goal is to 1) make sure people have a safe, fun ride on Sunday; our bike techs will do a free safety check on bikes, a sales specialist will help ensure correct fit and Fat Tire Trail Riders will assist folks with proper helmet fit and 2) to give people the tools and information to stay involved with cycling after SpokeFest is over. That’s where you come in! I understand that your group is involved with mountain biking in the area. Your presence and promotion of your club would raise awareness of who you are and what you do, and help to get more people involved in the mountain biking scene in Spokane.

In addition to the organizations mentioned about, we will have all the local trails on site (Centennial, Fish Lake, Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, Haiwatha and Riverside State Park) and we’ll be hosting several local biking clubs.
I hope to see you there and at Spokefest, but for now I am going to go work on the Back To School spoke cards so I don't end up with the same problem as last time.


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  2. Saw this a few minutes ago:

    And I am reminded of the two FBC rides I've been on. Saw lots of folks running red lights. Would be an incredible shame to be forced to shut this fun ride down due to people who cannot help but break the law. As cycling awareness grows in Spokane, so too will the awareness of law enforcement. Only a matter of time before this article reads "Spokane" instead of "San Mateo". See you at SpokeFest!