Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Late Wrap Up

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The Back To School Fiasco marked my last days of summer as I have indeed started back to school. Because of this, the blog post has been put in the bottom of the pile of stuff I have to do. Sorry for the delay. I know you want to see the pictures and so you shall.

I thought we were going to get rained on and it sort of sprinkled, but nothing we haven't seen before. It stopped before we left The Swamp and just served to make everything sort of shinny.

After a brief detour around the gaping hole in 2nd Ave, we made it to the fountain to regroup and head down the Centennial Trail toward Gonzaga. I was running my mouth and got a little distracted and instead of taking a left into campus and riding over the storied speed bumps, I decided to climb up the bridge that leads over Hamilton. As I was descending this concrete and steel rainbow, I realize my error. There were other options at this point, but I thought it would be more of an adventure to let more than half of the riders make it over the bridge before I started leading them back up and over. As we were riding towards them, trying to convince them that they did not have to go over the bridge, they refused to turn around and climbed up and over, and up and over again viewing it as a Simon Says moment. Awesome!

We made it mostly error and injury free to The Bulldog where they were more than prepared for us. I would like to thank The Bulldog and their staff for being so awesome every time we go there. You guys make us feel at home and have some pretty sweet prices. Be sure to go check them out when there is a game to watch and significantly fewer bike people in there.

MC+♥ from The Shop, was kind enough to drag all of his gear out for us and entertain with some sweet sounds even though he was a bit under the weather. He started feeling better with a little of the brown bottle cure. We are always glad to have you. Also a thanks to Joe for making the calls to get the FBC set up there.

125+ riders; 43° and cloudy

Coming Up:

Fiascoween! Be sure to get your costume together for the fourth annual Fiascoween Ride on Saturday October 23rd. There will be a costume contest and prizes. As it stands now, there will be a band as well. Stay tuned. I'll have further details as we get them nailed down.

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