Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting My Art On

Some of you are already familiar with First Friday. The once a month event when Spokane galleries open their doors and invite you to come around and ogle their stuff. More often than not, that includes cheese and wine. As a fan of both, there is no question that I will be downtown tomorrow night. You should come check it out, too.

There are several things going on so here some that I plan to check out:

Avenue West - A gallery space next to long time friend of the FBC, Far West Billiards. I have been meaning to stop by but have yet to make it over there.

Raw Space - I was told about this one on campus today and it sounds like a good time. "showcasing new, emerging and established artists from our community"

RiVerSpeAK - This is where I plan to start the night. Located at the new Empyrean location (2nd and Washington), t says on the Facebook Events Page "nest-themed artwork from various local artists (all members of the RiverSpeak Collective) will be for sale, with 50% of the proceeds to benefit RiverSpeak. Pick up your handmade RiverSpeak Zine + CD, available on donation (give what you can).

So if you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, here you go. These events start at 5:00p.m. and end at 9:oop.m. on Friday. I am looking to head to one of my favorite drinking establishments as well tomorrow.

Not officially as the FBC, I will start at RiVerSpeAK at 5:00 and make my way toward the rest in no certain order. See you down there.


  1. The RiverSpeak event will be awesome. Thanks for pointing it out to the FBC.

  2. Well i have missed that event. I will surely attend the next event last year. Thanks for let me know.