Friday, January 29, 2010

Issues with The Swamp

So I just got off the phone with Joe Kaler of The Swamp and he tells me that he is having some issues with his landlord about capacity. It seems as though there is somewhere in his agreement that says that no more than 49 people can be inside the building at any given time. This poses a problem not only for the business that Joe normally gets but the FBC numbers are significantly more than 49 every time we meet.

Here is how it is going to go this month. I will be there early enough to beat the early birds and direct them to our next destination. We will try not to linger at The Swamp but if they have the room, by all means go in and have drink.

Joe and the other employees are heartbroken about this and hope the issue is resolved damn quick. This is not Joe's fault. They certainly have been very accommodating to the FBC every time we have gone there for the past two years. This will be the 30th Fiasco and let's hope it's not the last to be at The Swamp.

All that said, get ready for some good times at our destination. Ride to The Swamp well before 9:00pm and I will tell you where to go. At 9:30, I will leave and join the party. Oh, and I do have spoke cards even though this month it's all jacked up.

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  1. for those who don't know, the Swamps landlord is the guy who owns the Sunset Junction. He's pissed that the Swamp is busy and his bar isn't. He is the one who complained to the city and the fire dept. about the size of the Swamps patio. You would think he would be happy to have a successful tenant. Well, keeping people out of the Swamp isn't going to make his bar any busier for one reason: Nobody wants to go to his coke head meth bar! And as much as I want to support Patrick and Platform Booking with the shows he is putting on at the Junction, please don't go there. Or if you go, don't buy any drinks. Save your money for the Swamp after the show.