Friday, August 7, 2009

It Rained. Big Deal

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Before I left the house I was all about checking the weather over and over. Led to believe that the rain would miss us all together, I relaxed, grabbed my bike and watched as it began to rain. Shit.

It soon stopped but I was convinced that this ride would not be as successful as the other summer rides with their counts over 125 people. I made it to The Swamp and more and more bikes started to show up. We were all enjoying our pitchers on the patio and having a good time when it really started to come down. There were more of us than there were places inside. When that filled up a few of us stood out under a small canopy and others just stood outside in the rain. Troopers. There were oohs and ahhs with every lightning strike and a cheer would go up with the thunder crash. And I was worried that no one would show up and those that did wouldnt' have a good time. What was I thinking? Though when I started rounding everyone up for a bike ride, I got a few curious looks and even a "Really?". Well, we came for a bike ride, let's go ride our bikes.

The first half of the ride was a little damp with some sprinkles but it went through town without indecent. We were able to stay in one lane, stop at red lights and otherwise play well with others. Lane choice and turn instructions, even potholes and obstacles were pointed out to others. I also notices more lights on this ride. Thanks to all the Lifetime Members For Life and their efforts to maintain a safe and fun environment. Some of the LMFL's stationed themselves at strategic points along the route so everyone would know where the hazards were. Standing in the cold rain pointing out slippery steel, noble.

After we regrouped at the fountain and made our way down the Centennial Trail, we made it to that bridge with the half wood planks, half diamond plate steel. There has to be a reasonable explanation for the two different surfaces, but as far as I can tell the metal side is designed as a way to throw people off their bikes in the rain. For that, it is a successful design.

Litz's was ready for us thanks to BS stopping by and giving them a heads up so there wasn't any waiting around for brews. It's a great place for all the things you expect out of a bar along with beach volleyball. Thanks to them and their awesome staff.

I was even presented with an awesome jersey by what I will now refer to as The Veggie Crew. They really went above and beyond by creating a few FBC baseball style jerseys and giving me one. You guys shouldn't have done it, but I love it. Thanks to the entire Veggie Crew.

If you have pictures, you can post a link to them either in the comments section here or on the FBC page on Facebook. (link above)

150+ riders; Low 63, scattered showers and cloudy


Last month on The Knog Ride, there were some spills along a road that runs through the GU campus. At the time of the ride, this road had new, incredibly tall speed bumps that were not painted and perfectly camouflaged against the black asphalt, causing some wrecks. One particular wreck sent a man to the hospital with several serious injuries. I did not see the incident nor would I be willing to comment further on said incident. Though, if you did see him go down, he is looking for witnesses. He is a reader of the blog and I welcome him to post his information in the comments section.

Saturday is the second day of The Hillyard Festival at Harmon Park. I have yet to attend this event, but I will be there with Pedals2People wrenching on kids bikes from 10-2. Feel free to stop by and say hello, enjoy the festival and the popular beer garden. It would be great to see friends of the FBC when the sun is out. There is apparently a hot rod show there as well so bring your camera. (Harmon Park on the Map).

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  1. Thank you for that post, Jeff.

    My name is Keith and I have been on several rides with the FBC. I love to ride with the FBC but my rides have been limited to nights when my schedule permits it.

    On the evening of Friday, Aug 24th I was doing the usual FBC thing. I was drinking a few beers and enjoying the company of other bikers at The Bulldog Tavern. It must have been around midnight when after having a burrito at The Pita Pit I was hanging out on my bike in front of the tavern looking for a group of people to ride downtown with. I remember seeing Jeff there.

    I was looking forward to the ride and did not feel too inebriated to operate my bike.

    Suddenly, I spotted a group of riders that looked like they were going my way. I took off on my bike and started to pick up some speed------ THAT'S THE LAST THING I REMEMBER.

    The next thing I remember is being in the ICU at Deaconess Hospital.

    Naturally, I would like to know what happened. So, if you witnessed my accident please contact me by email at

    Thank you

    I look forward to riding with you all again after my recovery.