Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Knog Ride

So I contacted the brand manager from Knog, the company that makes those little silicone lights, for a possible donation for the December ride that we lovingly call Festivus and have Feats of Strength and Decorating contests and give stuff away. He returned my email with an emphatic 'yes' and I then received a package of stuff to give away to Lifetime Members For Life. Awesome.

A few weeks ago we began our correspondence again with what I think may be one of the coolest emails I've ever gotten. Here are some excerpts: (note that he speaks in both a cool and warm burnt umber tone.)

"... I am currently working on the KNOG marketing regime for 2010. The core concept is 'Where ever you find, bikes, people and KNOG - the party is happening'. As part of this I am doing a two week global photo shoot with Tokyo based photographer and cycle rider Motoyan, we are checking out real people and real bikes...

The end result will be a book about cycling around the world - and yeah - sure, partly it is a marketing ends up on the desk of every bicycle company and bicycle journo in the world..."

So a few questions
what's the set up at the FBC??
Who will come for a ride?
...plenty of KNOG schwag for the people that wanna come for the ride / event ... and if we could hook up at a bar or FBC club . . . then KNOG would also be happy to throw some money on the bar."
Is that cool or what? I quickly responded and told him we would be glad to take on the responsibility of being real people and having real bikes. I was also able to answer the questions with what I assumed was good enough to not make him change his mind. I was also intrigued by the "...throw some money on the bar." line. So the ride is on!

We will be meeting just like always. The Swamp, Friday July 24th at 8:00p.m.

The route is an easy one so I encourage you to bring your art bikes and whatever strange (non-motorized) two wheeled thing you have and enjoy the short ride. You may also notice that there is the mention of it being a marketing campaign of sorts. That means that the photos taken will be plastered all over the world, so if you feel that you don't want that to happen to your face, I suggest that you try not to be there.

If you have the option, please feel free to download and print the flyer above in either color or black and white, and hang it all over the place. If you would like a safe for work poster, email me and I can attach one for you.

See you in a couple of weeks. Excited yet?


  1. If the Knogumentary videos, , are any indicator...hmmm...this could be fun.

  2. jimmy smith here. glen copus who works for us and builds beautiful frames that he markets under the name of "elephant." please check his stuff out. i would like to promote him a bit. nothing in it for us, but good is good.
    i'll be there

  3. Glad you're making it out Jimmy. If you have too many of those frames laying around, I would be glad to take one off of your hands for Free Fifty Free.