Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time for a Festivus!

I'm almost done with the preparations for the Full Moon Fiasco Festivus.

Fetivus for the FBC is an occasion to wrap your bike with lights or tinsel or ribbon, whatever you feel like is the most festive thing for the night. This year there will be a contest for best decorations judged by you, the lifetime members for life. The two categories for bike decorating are: Best use of Lights and Best use of Regalia. Several businesses and friends have contributed items so the prizes are pretty sweet. So use your imagination. Whatever you want. Seriously, go nuts.

We will also have Feats of Strength, Accuracy and Singing. Be sure to participate in these events, there will be presents for these, too.

We will meet at The Swamp at 8:00pm on Friday December 12th. We will take a short ride and begin our Festivus. It looks like we will be getting a break in the weather, but we will ride no matter what.

Any questions, feel free to email. See you Friday!


  1. It's probably wise to not have The Airing of Grievances.

    Lookin' forward to a Happy Festivus!

  2. Singing of Grand Old Flag, I hope.

  3. What!? No Airing of Grievances? YOUR WEAK!
    But I'll be there anyway. About the only think that'll keep me away is death or if Sandra Bullock walks up to me and says.............

  4. Actually the weather report I just saw sounds like the it should be snowing during the Festivus festivities. Should be awesome. Unfortunately I have a previous engagement, but I'm looking forward to the pictures.