Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"It's like a hundred Lance Armstrongs!"

(Click the card for pictures)
Was yelled our way as we rolled from red light to red light on our way to the Centennial Trail. After navigating the dark and lumpy trails we came out into the GU campus just in time for the girls to get a face full of mens soccer practice. From there it was just around the corner to The Bulldog.

I was impressed with the thought that went into all the outfits for the Back To School ride. There were the requisite catholic school girls, the jocks, the sharks, the jets, Poindexter and Horshack. Our friend Hank came as the Assistant Principal, complete with clipboard, detention slips and the 'Board of Education'. Though, I wouldn't expect any less preparation from Hank. He was the one that wired up some crazy system of lights and made his own studded tires for the Festivus ride.

The plans for the next Fiasco are still being kicked around so stay tuned for that one. There may be a second ride on Halloween that will end at a kick ass party. Maybe.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride after reading about it in the Inlander. I hope we didn't disappoint. Stick with us through the winter, it will be fun. Final count: 50+


  1. What a hoot! When I went in The Swamp the guy behind the bar thought I was from the liquor board. "Alaskan Amber, please. Why're you sweatin' so much?" :-)

    A reminder to those of you who received a detention notice. It happens when you think it does.

  2. Maybe my next tattoo should be a mosquito...