Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inlander Cover Story

Well, here it is. The Inlander that you've all been waiting on so patiently. This week Joel wrote about cycling here in Spokane and we were lucky enough to land a cover and a sizable write-up. To visit the Inlander webpage, click on the picture.

As a reminder, Spokefest is this Sunday. If you haven't registered yet, fear not, there will be a booth set up for late registration. You don't want to go home without a t-shirt, do you? Of course not. Check out their page for more details.

And don't forget, the Full Moon Fiasco will be Monday September 15th. It is the Back to School ride. You can show your school spirt in whatever way you showed it back in the day. Were you a jock? A nerd? A cheerleader? A pain in the ass? Derek asked if there will be a test. I don't think so, but it's a good idea. I'll hang on to that one and give you kids a pop quiz on one of the rides next summer, so pay attention and take notes.

So here's your sylibus:

  1. Spokefest

      7:00am registration and pancakes
      9:00am River Loop (21 miles)

  2. Full Moon Fiasco

      8:00pm Beer and Spoke Cards
      9:00pm Ride your bike
I once had a Science teacher that said "Treat me like you want to be treated." I asked her if we first needed to establish a "safety word". I had to go see the principal.


  1. We have arrived. Spankings all around.

  2. The Inlander article is excellent. Not to complain but several unmentioned cycling clubs contribute to the scene. It's all good though. Besides, for many people cycling is an individual sport/activity anyway.

    The Inlander needs to fix its spellchecker. It's "Fucking Bike Club" not "F---ing Bike Club".

  3. Hey I'm in it! :)

    That's me in the Braves hat in the fixed gear photo.

  4. Hey, I'm the guy that runs the Spokane Fixed blog. You bet your ass I'll be at the next Fiasco.

    ^^ That's my comment too.