Friday, August 1, 2008

Unsafe at any speed

I got this sales circular in the mail a while back and really wanted to share this picture with you.

It seems that the new design for the department store bike is intended to kill you. At least on the men's frame. Ladies, you're still safe to ride your department store bike in circles in your culdesac, though I still wouldn't get too far from the house.

Heed their advice. Don't forget to wear a helmet.

(If it unclear why this bike is unsafe, the fork is mounted backwards. Just so you know.)


  1. Now I'm really jealous.
    John "FBC Fairhaven"

  2. You would not believe how many "unsafe at any speed" bike are in teh EUG...we were calling them "rolling torture devices"...and they go: squeeky squeeky squeeky...

  3. BTW, Advertisements like this one are not "always" mistakes. Marketing types love to "play" with thier targets.