Monday, August 18, 2008

Maple Street Perfect For Bicycles

This Fiasco was a rousing success with a monstrous turn out. I thought that after running out of 24 spoke cards last month, my making of 48 this time was absolute overkill. Man was I wrong. There was an impromptu foot race for the last two.

Earlier that day, Jacque and I rode to the Garland Street Fair to volunteer at the Pedals2People booth. It gave us a perfect opportunity to scout a potential route for the fiasco.

At The Swamp, I made the anouncement that we would be heading North across the Maple Street Bridge and up to The Hub. Some wondered how we would get across a 4 lane bridge on Saturday night and nobody knew where The Hub was. It was great.

The bridge has been closed for some time now and they have been working furiously to pave it's entirety before it gets to cold to do so. Most of Maple Street is now covered with road closure signs and a rich, luxurious carpet of asphalt. Perfect for the quickest way to the North side, and to avoid the Spokane Shock traffic (thanks Ken for the recon work on that one). There were only a few cross streets that we had to look out for, but because of traffic coordinator Tim, everything was handled without incident.

We made it to The Hub to find one person working the bar and one person drinking at the bar. After some 'splaining about the FBC, we patiently waited for our drinks and watched the Olympics. If you haven't been to The Hub, I strongly suggest you go. A small place with a great juke box. If I remember correctly, they have the oldest standing liquor licence in the State (maybe it's just in Spokane). Thanks to The Hub for not hating us.

After that, groups split off to go to the Baby Bar, The Viking or home. Best Fiasco so far. Only one flat and no crashes this time.

Remember we do this every month regardless of weather so stay in touch. You can get the RSS feed and get an update on whatever fancy, dancy reader you have or you can go to the contact button on the side and slide me an email and I will let you know when there is a new post up. Or you can be way too connected and do both. You should probably to that. You know you don't want to miss the upcoming theme ride for the Full Moon Fiasco on September 15th.

For pictures of the Fiasco click the spoke card at the top.

For pictures of the Garland Street Fair go HERE.

By the way, there was a final count of 72 riders. Thanks for coming out.


  1. Wow, just over a year in and you're starting to hit some big numbers. That's great. How much of your success this month do you attribute to Out There? You know I've been saying that Spokane needed something like this for years, so really I should take all the credit. Maybe one day I'll even attend, but now I'm a little concerned that I'll get swarmed by grateful admirers. See, that's the downside to your bigger numbers, no Sean.

  2. Quite a few of the riders were there because the saw it in OTM. You will have to make it to one soon.

  3. Great ride Mr. the fucking guy and for the record it's the Maxwell House from last month that has the oldest continuos liquor licence

  4. Great ride, I saw them taking down the closed road signs on maple yesturday and it made me a little sad. At least we got to use it though. Thanks for bringing the FBC to spokane, and thanks to Tim for directing traffic this time.

  5. I think at the next TWO rides Jeff should not have buy any alcohol at all as a reward for starting such a great ride club thingy.

  6. Well, I guess I was wrong about maple street being back open, they were just moving the closed road signs further up. And also, I agree with jacques last comment.