Friday, April 4, 2008

Watch the race then ride to the moon

It seems as though this months ride is going to be something special.

The Full Moon Fiasco falls on the same day as the Paris-Roubaix race. According to this here flyer that I jacked from John, per his suggestion, you are to go find the worst streets imaginable and ride, ride, ride. I think that John may have a fun route planned. John, if this is true, feel free to comment below to give times and what not.

As for the Full Moon Fiasco, it will begin just as always at The Pear Tree Inn. You made it all the way to Bennidito's, you might as well ride up a few more blocks and join us for a relaxed ride with The Fucking Bike Club. We ride at 9:00p.m. so get there and get a drink before we take off.


  1. Wall St between Wellesley and Francis is a sure bet for rough riding. Hurry before they fix it!

  2. I just rode that today. I was thinking the same thing! It's funny how on the north side of Wall it's smooth and wide and big fat bike lane, and then you cross into the City proper over Francis and it's like riding in a 3rd-world country.

    Jeff: P2P doesn't have an official ride planned. The idear is for folks to get their pile of friends together for a ride that suits them and ends at Bennidito's at 1PM.

    That said, I personally, not in any official P2P capacity, plan to ride this route and time it so I land at Benniditos at 1pm:

    Basically, it's Sandifur bridge, through Highbridge, through Vinegar Flats, to Fish Lake Trail, into Marshall where the paved trail ends. Left on Scribner, up the dirt/mud to Gardner. Right on Gardner to Washington to Sherman back through Latah via Cedar. The cobble stone happens up 7th ave to Adams. Good dirt, some mud, some gravel, some pavement, some cobblestone.
    Thanks for the props.

  3. Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't the Paris-Roubaix race last Sunday, the 13th? Either way, we'll be riding Sunday night here on Cape Cod. Keep on keeping on...

  4. Have a great ride tonight. Bring a camera.

    John FBC Fairhaven.