Saturday, March 22, 2008

You can put your bike in the back and there's a fire and a dog...

The morning snow did not bode well for the likelihood of a good turnout for this Fiasco. However, the sun burned through the clouds and melted the snow leaving the streets remarkably dry.

After answering the usual questions for the PTI smokers we went in and emptied a few pitchers and left for The Swamp. A bar that according to an enthusiastic review from D has everything you need. We did mostly the same thing here as we did at our starting point only now we picked up another rider, rounding out our numbers to twelve. The biggest FBC ride to date heads for the Baby Bar for some rock and roll.

After squeezing through the crowd to get a drink we were lucky enough to find some chairs to watch The Dearly Departed and Whiskey Dick Mountain. Quality. Good enough to incite a "YEAH!". And that's good.

That's where we left it and I made my way back up that damn hill. Thanks everyone for coming to ride. The pictures are under the spoke card.

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  1. Excellent. I was wondering your start and finish times. Like my page says, two of us had to pack our bikes into a pickup and hitch a ride home.

    Absolute vodka night at Antonio's. We wudda got lost.