Monday, December 24, 2007

It was a well lit Festivus

It was a really great turnout for the Festivus Ride. Everyone had lights everywhere. There was one bike that had all the lights on one 6 volt power supply and a central switch on the top tube. That took some time.

Or goal was to view some Christmas lights along the route but my eyes did not deviate much from the snowy, icy, slushy junk that we pedaled through. The rain was such that I didn't get the camera out too often but I did get a few shots. Click on the spoke card for a link to the pictures.

We stopped at Rocket Market where the guy at the register had enough change laying around to complete my transaction of the purchase of one (1) PBR tall boy. I gave him a spoke card. He seemed happy. After which we went practically across the street to The Garage. It's a garage. Pedals2People is an organization that works to provide bikes and service to those that need them. One area of operation is this garage. We didn't break in or anything, we happen to have two or more members along for the ride. We spent some time here with our purchases and wrenched on at least one bike.

Debate began on continuing our journey down the hill. Only three of us had to come back up it so it was decided that we take the party to the Park Inn. They are located just far enough down the hill that makes you glad you don't have to climb the whole thing at the end of the night. They aren't exactly the type of bar that would have a web site, so the link is just a map so you can find it and go enjoy inexpensive refreshments.

The three of us started our climb through the slush, whereupon I fell. You know, after getting up that initial hill, it felt pretty good to be laying down. The hill subsided and the hardest part was navigating the slush.

The next Full Moon Fiasco will be January 22nd. I have a couple of ideas but I am open to suggestions.


  1. great night.

    a couple of my favorite moments:

    - ken's chewbaca impression when the lady with full length fur coat walked into the PTI. christ i almost wet myself

    - watching joe nearly get hit by the drunkard pulling out of PTI. damn that was close. joe had some nice moves there to avoid that one. and dangit. i was the only one to see it (besides joe).

    - my boot with really long laces coming untied and tangled in my pedal as we flew down grand... on my fixed gear. exciting.

    - being happy that my lovely wife was hanging out and chatting with me as I untangled my boot from my bike as we watched the rest of crew disappear down the hill

    - discovering that the kids have discovered the PI. wow. young crowd there. you know you're old when you're standing there with a bunch of other dudes holding your beer with mouths agape watching a couple "dance." I guess once you're 30 you graduate to the PTI for the slow burn.

  2. January 22nd...I'll be there with some other socially unacceptable cycling folks.

  3. I'd like to point out that the 22nd is on a tuesday, this means 2 dollar pints at the baby bar and a simular special at the viking also no karoke at either establishment reguardless I'm looking forward to another good time joe