Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fiasco Six

It's time for the Full Moon Fiasco. It's the sixth one so I was trying to think of something special to do. I thought, of course, that we could all try to dress like Jedi or Ewoks and parade through town showing our nerditude for Return of the Jedi (It was the sixth one). Or even disguise ourselves as evil aliens and plot to stop a peace treaty between the Klingon and the Federation, similar to Star Trek VI. Anybody remember Kim Cattrall as a Vulcan? Me either, I'm just sayin'... I then thought of the sixth installment of the ever expanding universe of Rocky Balboa, but who the hell watched that?

Then I remembered it's December and time for crazy-go-nuts fun on a bike. This months ride will be December 23rd and so dangerously close to Christmas that there is no alternative but to wrap your bike with all the appropriate decorations. Really do it up right.

So meet us at The Pear Tree and be ready to ride at 9:00p.m. Get there early enough to get a spoke card, meet the new faces and buy me a drink. It will be a slow ride through the snow on the South Hill. I was kind of hoping to check out that guy that set up his kazillion lights in time to the Peanuts Theme Song. I think it's on 17th?



  1. get a video of that house on 17th

  2. I'll be there with bells, er, lights on.

    The house is on the 2700 block of 17th. There's also a whole block of lights on Skyview near High Drive.

    Big list here:

  3. Ken, I appreciate your dedication to Sparkle Motion.

  4. Lets do this. Sunday 8PM eastern time in Fairhaven Ma. Bells, whistles, lights and a bottle opener should do it.