Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ever have that dream where you go into a bar and borrow a golf cart from Jim Croce? Well, I have and this is nothing like that. It's better.

Today is the first post of the new FBC Spokane. So far there are only two members, but it is the Fucking Bike Club dammit and you can't stop us. I would like to send a thank you to Bussmann for starting this whole thing, the Todorovich bros. for propagating it in StL, all the loyal riders that have made themselves my friends and the freedom to create my own right here in beautiful downtown Spokane, WA.

As written by either Bussmann or Lee, here is an excerpt from what I believe is the first post online of the FBC:

"the FBC is a global bike club dedicated to bicycles, beer, and mayhem.
the only membership requirements are the participation in one of the rides, and not being an asshole.
the full moon fiasco is our flagship ride. it happens every full moon. we meet at 10:30, drink, then ride at 11:30 or 12:00. the route changes every month, and it (the route) is determined the night of the event."

Though the times have changed everything else is true, especially the asshole part.

The next full moon will be this Sunday the 29th. I figure with only the two of us riding we should meet at the only appropriate place, our house. I'm sure that will change with new riders.

For those of you in Spokane interested in riding, please check back now and then to get information on the new meeting place.


  1. do it man
    keep the dream alive
    ride or die

  2. How cute, a baby fbc! What a little darling.
    You have to start somehow. The StL chapter started with only four riders I am told.

  3. hope you had a good fiasco.

  4. Good luck on your ride tonight, making a large scene out of nothing should get you noticed and maybe triple the size of FBC Spokane, have fun.
    -John P.